Sew Today

‘I always wanted…’ we say, yet we never do it. Play the piano, learn French, Sew. A list of staircases without a step. We just talk and talk and talk, distracting from the ultimate mission. When my sister said, ‘why don’t you just do the sewing thing as a hobby?’ It was a slap in the face in a way that told the truth. 

I have started and stopped so many times as a crying wolf. Mastery is within my grasps yet I let fear consume me. ‘Maybe it is too late to start or I should have years ago. I can’t catch up’. Feeding myself lies of disbelief. Here I go back on the train this time is different. 

With my luggage packed I gaze out. Why do we put the thing we want most last? I worry that maybe I am not good enough or I can’t figure it out. Then I think back to how I was diligent in school, why not be that way for my dreams. Put the same performance to the test, sewing is not a hobby it is my passion to pursue.  

I loved watching this show about a seamstress turned spy.


The fashions sophisticated with hats and gloves.


Of course a love story with an english journalist.


Her undercover with a new name.


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