Out Loud

Slowdown all the way. I have been rushing ambitions like a clown. I told myself let’s take a temporary retirement. At least on the pursuit side. No one is after you, at least not measures that count when listed. 

The cake is baked and the pie handed out. Dust your hands on the apron. The world will be fine take a yawn. Rushing to death and crawling through misery doesn’t make history. 

‘Breath’, I’ll say it again, ‘Breath’. Let it out scream if you must whatever it is that needs sorting out. It’s ok to say, I’ll sit this one out. Quit pushing, live a little and crack that smile the real one that only laughter knows. Forget the inspections of false expectations or you will soon find doubt.  

Crazy that cds are outdated but I have removed my cell phone and computers from my room. Technology consumes me too much that I have my self imposed limits.


Love this era and cannot wait to find inspiration and fun in these pages.


Books they are a wonderful swim through another’s imagination.


Another book to go with the 20’s fashion theme.


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