Count Up

Passing green trees in the end of summer breeze. Driving the distance across state lines to meet my family on the other side. Jazz played on cd with crickets chirping while I think. Days they pass. 

My little sister is so tall and her ideas full of life in giggles. Everything is possible and life is make believe made real. She asks, if I want a mint because they are so fresh. We sketch fashion images colored with crayon.

She doesn’t worry of the target customer, deadlines and price points. Just if it is pretty. Playing all the time between headstands and homework. Piggy back rides on dad’s back as he says that maybe he only has another two years until she is too heavy. The drive is a distance but this moment is lost in minutes. 

Sketching in our fashion books.


Fania’s creations my eight year old sister.

Vintage inspiration for my sketches.


Pink and purple the color of choice . She loves it when I sleep over and we have sister time.


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