May Day 

Sometimes it has to get so bad sitting next to that rock at the bottom. Only after the tears dry can we can see the angle out. From on top we can fly high. Coming down is the space to build roots. Grounding in who we truly are with nothing but our bones. 

What is the meat between our leaves? Blowing out the dust of moments past. Wash your face, tie your shoes, go out there and find the news. Or go out there and be the hope that shines fire bright. Light the way through broken trees find the mystery that uncovers history. 

Obstacles are not the enemy they are disaster relief pulling you out. Facing weeds sapping the feed. Get on with the task that has been put into your hand. Play with humor and laughter of calm. Let them hurry those rushing the day. It is your time walk as you may. 


Taking pictures in windows


The old fashion structures to the new.


Waiting for someone to let me in.


To be collected and turned into art.


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