Let’s Dance 

Where to begin with a dream and how to continue when you are unsure? The constant question that moves me to new spaces and attempting to piece a riddle that can never tell. Investing in ideas and projects. The gain is in the lesson and understanding.

If someone benefits and shares with another that truly is the bonus. Though business does not operate that way and we must turn the card. What is the hand we deal with others? A change we transform into a mold. Starting again knocking on doors figuring out where to take a stand. 

One step, two steps and here we are back again. It is in the compilation that makes a dance. A wielding yielding memoir that turns the hips into a trip. We fall we stand up and then we rest. But never shall I sit out the next dance. Take me around this dance floor because with each misstep I find the girl that flies through many tries.  

Nice to see progress on a fashion incubator space in Baltimore.



I dream of one day having a fashion museum in an old victorian house where women and girls can come together and make fashion projects.


So easy to begin a hobby, rather difficult to keep it up.


Still working on my community development fellowship for a city park .


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