Professional Dreamer 

Usually the books pile high with intentions never to be read. After making the same calculated mistakes I decided to deal with my ‘weak’ points head on. Instead of rushing to get through the books, I decided to read one chapter from each in the morning and at night. 

To my surprise I absorbed more and maintained consistent progress on all areas. A recent section about making an activity into a habit that shapes discipline fascinated me. Especially when it comes to athletes, we think that people are born with a special gift. Yet if we look closer they ‘train’ a crazy amount. 

In a way I thought the dream journey was a one off race to some kind of success defined finish line. Maybe it is a walk, a very long walk through life where we must always choose those things, people and actions that align with our ‘purpose’. Fashion is the root and social work are the leaves to my dream.

Workshop inspiration


So beautiful these ladies in their lab coats.


Tables of imagination.


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