One Shot 

Transition is always shocking, especially when relocating between countries and rebuilding a life.  It is confusing staying true to the mission when there are so many opinions. Remember that you have the final say for both the decision and the consequence. 

You cannot live someone else’s ideal for it will leave you oscillating between extremes. Do what needs doing and let the rest take it’s own time. It’s tough when up against the wall, but maybe it is the frustration that finally gets the oils flowing to spin the wheel. 

Don’t let comfort turn the lion into a fat domesticated cat. Follow your instincts before your dreams become extinct. No one kills the dream only YOU do when you stop believe in them. It takes work, passion and conviction. Go for it everytime, one day you will hit the Bulls eye.  


Relaunching the FBW workshops


Sharing fashion business in a quick and affordable way.


No education can prepare you for the entrepreneurs journey.


Looking forward to moving forward.


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