Material Matters 

Not sure what it is that makes us forget: who it is we are beyond the oscillations of complications? We are more and if not more, that too is ok. Cutting ourselves some slack and then standing at the board. 

Dry erase away that which doesn’t work, think again. Begin the equation and add it up to what you want to be. Who that you is today? Really deep down to the core. When the waves wash the sand smooth. 

Look at the grains and what do you see in their crystal skies? Opportunity. Openness. Outlets. It is up to you to decide. Look at that current and count the waves to begin. Leap, reach and achieve that which makes matter magical. 


Drawing it has been over 10 years since I sketched.


Painting the cover of my next book.


We found banana trees in Baltimore.


Date with my little nephew.


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