Lost Pages 

It’s gone. My second book was waiting on the last chapter. I had backed it up and saved it on my drive. I checked and double checked. Though in a strange way I was ok with it. I had been procrastinating and now I start again. 

It’s all in my head anyway, the memories and stories of how the year went. Sometimes we get so caught up in the loss that we forget what we found. I have been turning myself around. There are so many family, friends and total strangers that believe in me. 

It is about time I remember myself. Sometimes when you get knocked down and things don’t turn out as you wish, the discouragement floods residue. We miss that which is good. I look beyond this bend and know I need this challenge to get over this hump. I have written three chapters this morning and it has been fun.  

It took me about two years of living in Bali to finally ride with confidence and conviction. From 15 minute rides to 3 1/2 hours through the mountains.


There have been those silent supporters that have push me out of my tears back into self-belief. Those that I admire for their resilence through hardship.


Loving friends that came along on the crazy adventures and who despite their own fears took charge.


We have reached the summit of our minds and pushed through to the otherside. I truly would not have made it had it not been for such strong willed women.


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