Table Dancing 

Happiest moment in my entire life was moving to London for the first time. I walked away from everything and went for all that I wanted to become. I met the most amazing women and together we explored our fashion dreams. I went for it, not from the sidelines but full on. 

It didn’t work out in the end. My student loan funding fell through and I had to cut my degree short. Though the thing that was right was that I was on the journey that was for me. Regardless of any opinions and standards I couldn’t follow someone else’s expectations of what my life should look like. 

To say no to those that love you has and still is my greatest challenge. In many cases they were right and I had to take the blows of my choices. Though when I look back man was I glad that I said yes to me. The rules don’t apply to our lives anymore. The path to success does not follow a degree. It follows the compass of your will to move your heart through dedicated action over time. 


My dear friend Alicia gave me this box of memories when I had to leave.


Our second flat was not far from the Famous Abbey road. We would stay up late making fashion projects together.


We loved going to Camden town to smell the incense and explore exotic markets with vintage finds.


Boy did we love to party with the high society. VIP lounges and table dancing.


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