Known Discovery

How do you keep it? That secret that only you can see. A truth that what you are fighting for matters more than the norm. My dress flows through the change. My heels skip a beat with fear and passion. 

I keep looking back and wonder. Maybe I am mistaken? Then I look ahead at a great expanse and know that where I am going not many will follow. The tales of truths that must be made through rigger and discipline. 

Discovery is the denial of existing reality and the pursuit of a new beginning. Lean in to that thought and if you fall do it miserably. The pain of mistake is a power that rips the paper to start again. Refine the wrong turn to make the right one. Trace the steps with crumbs of bread.  

Working at my office at the center for entrepreneurship and innovation.


I listen to this soundtrack and dream of the day that I will walk the Halls of Cambridge as a thought leader in my field talking passionately about matters that can enhance the lives of others through social business.


I dream of visiting the fashion workshops and learning the beauty of fine dressmaking in Paris.


Mostly I dream and draw pretty dresses. Now I must put the figure of making. Learning not to hide behind a degree and build the seams that sew into dreams. A dress that makes people smile at through to beauty.


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