Wild Way

Never ending pages to pieces. Time heals if we are real. Truth carries us along. I thought one day I would crack the code. I listened close for the click, but then the panic sets in.

Maybe there is no answer and we walk with constant questions. Moments gone without a word. No play backs or second guesses. We are the chances we take. Scratches and scars they mark us, better than the disheartened.

Wandering for wonder. Knowing that I cannot be as I am tomorrow today. It is tricky. We knew that all along, but for some silly reason I thought we are entitled a break. No such thing as luck, it is our ambition leading our never to give up. 


This day a few years before my sister and I adventured on a long walk. We should have turned back so many times. We kept at it to the end.


There was so much beauty that did little to assist in the challenge to move ahead.


I couldn’t change that wanted this walk. I didn’t think about all the details. The only thing I knew for certain was this was my way.


When I climbed this rock I hurt my feet, there was water and crabs beneath. Yet for some silly reason I wanted that shot. The clouds, the waves and the sharp pains on my elbows. I talked myself down to pull my legs up.


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