Branch Up

The table is covered with all of the unnecessary. Yet there is a wish that must be placed on wheel. A song cannot be heard if we do not allow it to play.Be honest with yourself. 

What is it you really want? A whistle blows, an arm tugs and you pull back. You stutter, ‘Wait! I want to stand here’. A guard says, ‘standing will not get you where you wish to be. You haven’t done the work. Not the right kind. Go back to the drawing board and find out what you did wrong’. 

Map out the right for your life and roll up the directive and embark on that bumpy ride. Wisdom is experience put to action. You have been here before many times. Stop stumping your foot on that corner. Launch higher and hold that grip tighter until the expectations collide with your self belief.  

3 years ago I went to London to show my first fashion collection.


I ran through the parks as I always have with many thoughts.


The original dresses.


Weeping willows are so romantic.


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