Loose Ends 

It felt as if it was staring at me from across the room. I brought some of my Bali Fashion Dream books to the house. One displayed nicely on top of the others. I have that nagging feeling to finish the second book. Life isn’t easy at the moment. Going through a process that I would rather avoid. 

Then my mind recalls the challenging time I faced when getting the first book complete, between funding the cost of professional editing and doing the actual proof reading and saying go. Then to find issues with the paper binding. Geez it is a wonder that the first book exists at all.

Grabbing my attention the book speaks from across the room,’this is your process and work comes from pain’. It is the fear of not realizing my purpose that pushes me on. It is not a matter of thousands of people waiting to hear the bloody details. It is a commitment to the journey that I have made to myself. ‘So get on with it’, I say.  

Some people have to brainstrom ideas, I have to close the window to them as they keep flying into the reality of my days.


Thids dress was a complete joke. I was on a mission to take left over fabrics and make them into threadless machinefree clothes. Only using scissors and knotting methods.


I cut and braided them and wove them by hand.


When I finished I braided my hair and went out to a party. Of course wearing my own branded fashion shoes. I twirled around test driving this magical dress.


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