Keep On

One man showed up! That is all I needed to believe in silly ideals. Since I began this fellowship for an urban sustainable space known as herring run park, I was hitting walls. My proposals shot down due to lack of funding and people to implement them. 

Then at a community event evening I began asking: who would run with us. Most people ran away from the sign up sheet. At 7:30am I arrived at the park as expected no one showed. As I was stretching I looked  up and saw one guy. During our run together he explained his journey in helping in various community programs. 

At the last leg of our run, we stood waiting at the traffic light. I asked, ‘don’t you get tired of these programs, I mean the problem is so big’? We kept a steady pace as he replied, ‘when I was a kid my parents didn’t have much but I knew what it felt like to know that I am special. I want these kids to feel that way’. That was all I needed to hear that morning, as I encouraged him to run perhaps without realizing it he encouraged me to carry on with dreaming ideals.

Our programs at Friends of Herring Run Park engages the local community with fitness, study and exploration.


Newly planted trees always a lovely sight.


Great mixed terrain for running.


Old picture from a few years back enjoying the summer in the south of France. Sometimes I look back to those days and the lifestyle I had and wonder? Is ignorance bliss or is it facing our fears that is the beauty of adversity.


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