Dressing Women

As I meet with recruiters and talk about the fashion industry, a spark of hope ignites. I once felt that the industry was so big and any impact created in the realm of social good would be left in a pile of junk mail. 

I believe in the beauty of people and our vision for a better world. Fashion despite its reputation is great! Whenever I am feeling down or need to pull myself out of a mood. I slip on a lovely dress, curl my hair and smile a bit more. 

It is not the dress that makes the woman but the woman that makes the dress. Fashion can truly be magical if kind hearted passionate makers direct the sails. I am excited to unfold this new dress that is to mark a grand voyage. 

Saw this dress at Saks and can imagine wearing it to an embassy ball.


Valencia James she is an amazing artist and educator working to share her gifts with the world.


Michelle Murphy paints art on silk turned into sexy dresses. Her studio has a poll if you need to take your dress for a whirl.


I have a fascination with finding makers. How do they survive and what special skills are hidden in those hands of time?


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