Sustainable Stream

How do you hold a thought when all else wants to say ‘no’? Since I have been back in Maryland I have picked up sticks that I left to build a dream. Last summer we started a project to revive the garment manufacturing district with a campaign called Baltimore Fashion Renaissance. 

Recently it has been like pulling teeth especially with the university. There are a few of us here in the city that are a part of the Baltimore Fashion Alliance that want to revive this area to its former glory. USA made with pride. It hasn’t been easy with getting approvals and meetings with deans, but there is one man at the center of entrepreneurship and innovation who despite his reservations opens the door. 

He gave us the best location on campus overlooking the art district to host the global entrepreneurship week fashion segment. I was just about to walk away when he called me into his office and asked for the date. Just hold tight to those dreams even if you are the only one who can see how brilliant they are until one day the world understands. If they don’t carry on whistling and doing that which you know so true in your heart. 


I was awarded the Community Development Fellowship with the College of Public Affairs to see how we can clean up urban green spaces.


I am working for Friends of Herring Run Park and the Natural History Society of Maryland.


The water and land is serene but we have destroyed it with dumping garbage.


After a meeting with the Baltimore Fashion Alliance in Baltimore, passing boarded up mom and pop shops.


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