Blind Beauty

My mother tells me off for wearing an oversized vintage dress and my sister wouldn’t get off my case for becoming a ‘village girl’. I didn’t know what they meant until I looked back to pictures of me preBali. I loved dressing up. Something changed being around so much poverty. I began selling and giving away my nice things. I wanted to see if I could survive on the most basic. 

Perhaps even become beautiful with ‘nothing’…short hair, no makeup and less shine. I wanted to know that beauty is not pure surface that there is something special in a person that the eyes cannot touch. Though what I found was the less I cared for myself the more disconnected I felt. My mom reminds me, ‘it’s ok to be you, if you want to wear fancy clothes that is Stacy’. 

I guess in a way I was trying to fit into my environment at the expense of my true nature. I love fashion, glamour and dancing. Denying myself of happiness is to steal my own joy. My hair is growing now and I am remembering to paint my nails and one day soon, I may even meet that girl I once knew.  

Notting Hill my most fav place for antique shopping for the flat.


This was when we were filimg the kickstarter campaign for the Elsa Fitzgerald collection.

I sat across the table from a girl I hardly knew and she agreed to follow me to Bali and film. Victoria thanks for being you.


Ruhani is the most wonderful intern standing in the cold and london rain filming the campaign that became our kickstarter.


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