Infinite Potential

When working on my first book my sister declares, ‘you are not a writer you are a fashion designer’. Preparing for my next run, my neighbor says ‘you are not a runner, you are too small’. Who made these rules anyway? Why can’t we chase our passions to see where they lead? I know for certain if there is a love of wonder for sure lies a great adventure. Even if it is the journey to discover that I am passionate about something else. That is a blessing in itself. I will always explore my curiosity because it is the blood that pumps my heart. We can be anything we desire with hardwork, commitment and passion.

I will run and run until I don’t want to run anymore. I will love and love until my heart loves no more. I will not shut the door on opportunity just because someone says it is not for me. I stand here in line and I will wait my turn at the wheel of chance. Our lives are made up of these grand pursuits that make us question who we are? Well then who are you and who am I? I am but a girl living my life seeking out what it is all about. There is no such thing as ‘too late’. Each day is an hour that transforms into years.

Start now today that thing that will not wait. It buzzes in your ear and you push it away, but maybe it is the very thing you have been looking for…try it seriously what do you have to lose or gain but an hour. You define you by the choices you make and how you spend your days. There is no set in stone business card to self-identity. Truly we can imagine an alternative self. We can trade our actions for happy distractions by unlocking the impossible. Our potential is infinite we just need to believe in ourselves enough to go for it fully. I am a writer, I am a fashion designer, I am a sister and maybe one day I will be a mother….but mostly I am a dreamer forever and always.

Preparing my kit to film a documentary.

The girls getting ready for the shoot.

They used to be so afraid at the sight of a camera. They they are confident and happy to show their smiles.

In the audience with mothers and grandmothers filming 🙂

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