Bulls Eye

Look it dead center with every inch of conviction. It is you or the target, the sounds blur to distance. Every move closer and closer, events align and people move aside. It is you against circumstances wielding them in a dance with hands gliding. Events take shape, like musical notes written and played back in life. It truly dazzles to see pieces floating in the air as to grab time. I have realized that there is so much that is out of our control obviously, but man did I not realize how much is within.

I obsess over the thought and talk about it as if it is already happening. Sometimes it feels like an almost part lie. For example, when I wanted to lecture as a professor. I began to refer to myself as Professor Stube, even created my own workshop and then did a second workshop at the business school – center of entrepreneurship and innovation. I blagged about my work at a entrepreneurship bootcamp in Jakarta and am now being asked to teach as an honorary lecturer at the top Entrepreneurship University in Indonesia. I believe my own illusions and work toward making them so…rather a fake it until you make it.

I learn the skill practice until I master it. Much like my running, I set obscene targets. If I fall short of a crazy high ambition it is far greater than a half attempt at a small one. I have been keen to complete a PHD on a full-ride fellowship. My original choice was Oxford University but I have applied to the Top Indonesian University. I can then integrateĀ a Fulbright scholarship to link the program research to MIT, Oxford and Stanford. Its really tough, holding those dreams and thoughts and finding ways around closed doors. If you really want it and are wiling to do the work the world of dreams is out there to build into reality.

Fabric shopping for my friend’s wedding dress.

Vintage 1920’s feeling.

Of course chiffon and romantic.

Fav fabric supplier in Bali Alto Moda.

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