Boldly Beautiful

I read an article some time ago that, asked ‘why aren’t we running as if we are on fire toward our dreams’? It seems that I find myself doing it. I have existed too long putting wishes and dreams on shelves. I say no more, who cares if I do a thousand things at once. I have been told to focus. If you ask any of the most successful entrepreneurs each one of them will tell your that the business they created today is not their first. They had to fail at many other concepts to find the working model.

Scatter the things you love out like a box of children’s toys. Have a play, why not? See what strikes your fancy. What is the thing that excites and drives you to see through to the green within the trunk of your person? Why not come alive, why not be afraid, why not see what is out there? Stop listening to the noise of your conformity, listen to the heartbeat of your joy. I seem to be coming alive again. Pushing myself to places I couldn’t reach in my first attempts. Can you try an old pair of shoes to see if it still fits?

Did you have a dream you went for and failed miserably at the first attempt. Can you try and try again to see if you will succeed? It is rare that you get the first basket when shooting. Constant focused effort at practice is the essence of achievement. We met with an inspiring woman named Valentine Lily who won her first trophy for running at age 44. Ever since she has been running everywhere and continues to push her limits. I asked how she does it, her answer ‘the body will follow where the mind will take you’. The mind is limitless and extremely powerful. Where will ‘your mind take your body’? It is never too late. Begin today….stop waiting for life to begin. Be AFRAID, Be Passionate, Be TOTALLY You.

Elsa Fitzgerald New Shoe Design - first samples

Elsa Fitzgerald New Shoe Design – first samples

High Fashion Shoe Inspiration

High Fashion Shoe Inspiration

Valentine Lily a true inspiration for women around the world. Her passion is 'Running'.

Valentine Lily a true inspiration for women around the world. Her passion is ‘Running’.

Love this head pieces.

Love these head pieces.

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