Act Now

You know everything that has gone ‘right’ in my life had to start at being completely ‘wrong’. Not a single plan has arrived accordingly. What seemed at the time to be a complete step back has evolved into massive plunges forward. Can we trust that all will work out better than we could imagine for ourselves? Opportunity can arrive in the most unlikely form. Listen, there in those spaces between your doubt. Find the conviction to follow your impulses and pave your tracks on dirt roads.

Sarita and I had been talking and talking about how we needed to work out. Each day would pass and we would let the moment pass. Then again we would claim that ‘ok tomorrow we will wake early and run’. A week passed with this chain of false promises. This morning in the the early light of day, Sarita popped her head into my room, asking if I still wanted to go for a run. It was decided no more talking about the things we wanted to do, instead we would do them. We also kept to our intended mission of jogging for 1 hour.

We even brought the little house pup that I had to carry under the hook of my arm when he got tired. We did it! We are planning a pretty exciting run around the island of Bali for my 32nd birthday and a fundraiser for the nonprofit organization AVEH. Still working on filing the paperwork and getting government support before we begin promoting. Seems that if we just go for it things begin to happen. Sounds a bit obvious, but in practice tends to be the very thing that holds so many people back. BE Bold, TAKE Action and for GOODNESS sake STOP Talking about it! DO IT>>>

Oh my little garden, how I love you :)

Oh my little garden, how I love you 🙂

Our little lion!

The little lion!

Traditional herb drink after the run.

Traditional herb drink after the run.

Sarita wrapping up with box jumps.

Sarita wrapping up with box jumps.

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