Expressive Freedom

Despite writing a blog for over two years, I have yet to consider myself a writer. I mean my grammar is crap and my tenses have me all twisted. Yes I know I have published a book and some would consider me an author, but come on it was self-published. All I know is that I enjoy writing. Today I made the big step of submitting a piece of writing for a feature submission for Riverhead Books. Subject of the essay required: stories linked to the book Eat Pray Love. Hence the essay subject titled, ‘Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It’. After spending the two hours typing the 1500 words I was rather happy with the outcome.

No hesitations passed beyond hitting the submit button. What do I have to lose? I intend to write more articles outside of my blog. The only way for me to learn is by doing. Sure I could have a writing coach, but I will stick with my style and in time I will find a signature method. There are plenty of editors to clean up my grammar. My writing is consistently imperfect, just like me. I don’t seem to get caught up in all the details. When it stops being fun, well then I will begin a new hobby. For now it seems that we enjoy each others company enough to keep this literary dance alive.

I have met some ‘successful’ writers of novels to famous newspapers and the one thing I found in common for each one, they did not train to be writers. When I started my writing, the best advice I was given was to just keep writing. From a friend it was confirmed that I had a ‘unique voice’ and an ‘approachable flow’. So there we have it, I have kept with it. Thank goodness for this blog, it has been a wonderful exercise in daily writing. It has been a journal to the world of my inner thoughts that most would rather keep to themselves. Being open about the inner dialogue is intended show that this journey is not as fancy as the photos illustrate, but that the process is a beautiful struggle.

Morning yoga workout. Trying out a new posture.

Morning yoga workout. Trying out a new posture.

Coffee with a cinnamon stick and creme on top.

Coffee with a cinnamon stick and creme on top.


Essay Submission

'Business folder'

‘Business folder’

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