Walk Softly

I have started receiving offers between the USA and Indonesia for book reviews and guest appearances. I guess something is paying off. There is one important lesson I keep reminding myself: no one will sell you or your product better then you. It is tricky when doing so much. For so long and even now, I still catch myself expecting something magical to fall from the sky: a lucky break, funding…something!

Luck doesn’t happen, it is created. Those media individuals contacted me because I was reaching out to them. I did this by making sure to create exposure, positioning the brand and my work in such a way that is authentic yet compelling for certain audiences. Its a game of strategy and ringing a few bells to see which caller will answer. Life is too short to sit waiting by the phone.

If you want something go out there and fight for it. Good things happen to good people who do the right things over and over again. BE  Persistent, BE Passionate and know when to cut the reigns when a boat is taking you under. Some projects are doomed, some need to be set aside and some need to be started. Figure out your thing and own it, not by monetary terms but by loving terms. Live it, breath it and love it. Then have the openness to set it free. A way will be made if you shine your light on the path ahead.

Baltimore City Harbor

Baltimore City Harbor

My little nephew and I going for an evening walk.

My little nephew and I going for an evening walk.

My sister's cats and their new haircuts

My sister’s cats and their new haircuts

Waving at our reflections

Waving at our reflections

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