Love Bonus

As we sat and watched my little sister playing at the park, my stepmom asked me about my thoughts on love. ‘You know that it is great that you have accomplished so much, but it would be wonderful to see you in love and with a family’. We watched as my sister ran by in a game of tag. She continues to say, ‘I just want to make sure you haven’t closed that door. You know I am sure many people would be interested’.

I admit that my life doesn’t really allow for such a relationship and maybe I have made it that way on purpose, but I am in a place now that I would be ready to share my life with someone special. I smile and look to the sunset as I respond, ‘don’t worry Jecklin, I am ready to fall madly and terribly in love with my husband, I just haven’t met him yet’. She giggles and smiles ‘that’s good as long as you open to love, then that is alright’.

We talk more on the matter and I reply that I have ‘falling in love’ scheduled into my social calendar. I will meet him in 2016 and to consider children in 2018, while I am working on my PHD. I know that people can do many things and have children, but for me I want to see so much of the world. There are parts of my woman that longs for adventure and maybe one day if I feel the call I will be a mother. For now there are 25 girls in the village who have my attention and a collection that I consider my baby. Love comes in many forms. Love is not a solution to happiness, it is an added bonus to life.

Fashion Business Weekend Shoot KCB Photography

Fashion Business Weekend Shoot
Credits: KCB Photography, Make-up: Grace Stube- Sweetly Gracious Beauty

Meet Sakina Stampers Bali Fashion Group's Baltimore based Intern  KCB Photography

Meet Sakina Stampers Bali Fashion Group’s Baltimore based Intern
Credits: KCB Photography, Make-up: Grace Stube – Sweetly Gracious Beauty

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