Good Enough

I can confidently admit I have no attention to detail. As of late I have realized it is in our obsession with the pursuit of perfection that keeps us from realizing our dreams. We think and over think to the point of disappointment. Designing a dress has taught me the process of creation. It starts with a vision that is put to paper that is then constructed. It is rare that your first prototype is ever perfect. For my own work we average about at the 3rd sample that we finally get it right.

Sometimes we don’t have time to do so many revisions, like my lace bags. I had to go back to the USA and the maker was experiencing some family illness. I left with the two bags in hand. We have some issues with the size of the lace flowers, but having made the first model I know there is something great to the technique and will return to Bali to expand on that production.

Before flying to California I had this dress that was simply not working. Every-time we changed it, I couldn’t accept that is was right. Finally before saying lets scratch this design, we took it completely apart and I made the design more simple. After showing friends it ended up being the best of them all. I laughed at the reality of it, for it was the most simple and at the same time the most difficult. The point in it all is to begin as the famous quote says. It is your first step that is the most important. Don’t let the details keep you from realizing your true potential.

Take one on the dress

Take one on the dress

Still reshaping

Still reshaping

Bridalwear was put on hold as we didn't finish in time.

Bridalwear was put on hold as we didn’t finish in time.

Hand drawn and hand carved first sample bags.

Hand drawn and hand carved first sample bags.

2 thoughts on “Good Enough

  1. So true, perfection can be a real killer of dreams….you really need to invest in trusting the universe/god/angels there’s something bigger out there that’s got your back and believes in your dreams 🌺🌴🌞

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