Dangerous Walk

I have been on the fence listening to everyone’s doubts and fears. Talks of turning back and taking the safe path. It has left me confused and uncertain, losing faith in my dream. But today a light has gone off in my spirit. It is time to stand-up for what I believe in and run on the wild side. Time to lean into the uncertainty and fear. I have to push my own potential to excel.

I wanted to give up to rest, to take a break and fall into the ordinary. I say ‘no’. I want more out of this life. I will challenge myself and circumstances to know that a path will part when I begin to walk in the direction of my heart. Sometimes the only thing one can do is break-free. We are not a victim of life but a product of our choices.

I choose to keep going. The flag is posted on this crossing. I look across the horizon and see the summit of the next climb. Come follow me as I fall, dance and laugh at my own absurdity. What I intend to accomplish is ridiculous, but deep down I know it is totally possible. I have doubts and worries that ride on my coattails.  I turn abruptly and let go of the jacket for I will learn to adjust to the cold.

Photoshoot for Dream Club

Photoshoot for Dream Club

On Federal hill wrapping up with a little meditation.

On Federal hill wrapping up with a little meditation.

Relaxed shot

Relaxed shot

One thought on “Dangerous Walk

  1. The most damaging doubts are the ones that others give us, left to ourselves we probably would not doubt ourselves.

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