Finish Line

From the outside it must appear that all events take shape so easily, but if you read the story one will see that each element is a struggle. A simple example is the book trailer video. We have filmed so much content, edited, edited and edited again. Yet it still wasn’t right to the point where I thought well just forget about it. But I never gave up on it. I let the work take its own form. I wanted it to convey the struggle of the artist, a journey on the outskirts of ‘normalcy’ but in such a way that says, ‘come join me’.

Writing the book was a kind of torture in some ways, toiling over and over. Tearing pieces of paper, until one day I started from scratch and in four days I wrote the book. It took months to edit and review because I couldn’t keep myself balanced emotionally. But I persevered. The cover needed editing, over and over again. Even now as I read the final copy, I find a few minor mistakes. The key to progress is in accepting imperfection.

We are on this journey toward what we want out of life, but if we keep setting ourselves against unachievable expectations we will never get there. We need to cushion for failure, mistakes and let downs. We won’t even know success when it is staring us in the face. Success is overcoming the struggle and pushing beyond our limitations to achieve our hearts desire.

Can't believe its done.

Can’t believe its done.

Thank God! Geez it took forever.

Thank God! Geez it took forever.

Glad to have believed in it to the finish.

Glad to have believed in it to the finish.


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