Light Prevails

I had just moved into my office space at the university when everyone hurried home. Baltimore city had protests turn violent. But I stayed put until I was told to leave. In my stubborn will I would not allow hate destroy the goodness of the day. I had a meeting to attend around the corner from campus at 6pm. We both agreed to still meet, but as I left the building it was like ghost town. Those that were in the street walked briskly to their cars while police stood on the corners.

An ere feeling came over me and I realized that I needed to get home before I got stuck in the middle of it. Once home we resumed our meeting over the phone. As I opened a new fashion book that came in, I thought, what little importance is fashion in the grand scheme of the despair that has taken over the city. I flipped through the pages and saw fabric flowers, beads and lace. Then I remembered again why I love fashion.

I love fashion for its ability to allow us to imagine and to escape the harsh reality of life. A women can transform into a girl that dreams of princesses and fairies. We can imagine ourselves as we want to be. I watched as the city I love come under attack with sirens wailing and people looting. The national guard will arrive soon with over 5,000 soldiers and a curfew to be inside by 10pm. Baltimore is under a state of emergency. Life will always be a struggle, but if we can dream through fashion then for a moment we are free.

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