Ease Up

After hitting the gas full speed, I have finally decided to ease up on the pedal. I have been bulldozing my way to my dreams. That approach has driven me pretty far, but it can also drive a person mad. Never knowing when to slow down and appreciate how far I have come. This book is not far off from finally becoming a reality. Do you know how many times I have rewritten, edited, revised and pretty much given up on this baby.

Geez it is something between pulling teeth and pushing a bolder up a mountain. It really takes commitment, trust and focus. Focus for sure is my greatest vise. At times I shelve projects to concentrate on wrapping up others, but I always keep driving new ideas and ways of doing things. I have this strange ‘damn the man’ strategy where by I want to do things in my own way. If I follow the sheep I will for sure get trampled in the stampede.

I don’t know how to sit on a conveyer belt to normality. I have become an outlier, an odd ball who stands on my head and am stubborn as a donkey. I can’t do it anymore, confirm to things and situations I do not believe in. We have a voice an opinion to channel into things we are passionate about. I am no longer afraid to live my personal truth. Because when I look back on my life, I will know I never held back. I dove into my dreams like a sky without a floor.

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