Changing Times

There is the change that is outside of our control and then there are ones within. Consumed with the race to dreams, I forgot that life is to be embraced. I finally made it to that dance class that I have been wanting to resume in Argentinian tango. I even recruited two friends to join. I hadn’t danced the tango in over two years but I felt that nervous excitement return when joining a new partner and sensing the energy of the movement together.

Since there were not enough men I lead on two occasions with the girls. A rather interesting process as I attempted to remember the steps in reverse. At one point I kept turning my hip in the wrong direction. Similar to a time when I was learning tennis years back, I could only correct the bad habit when I was aware of it.

I have made two pages in  my diary of things that I am changing in my life. The list varies from procrastination, relaxation and most importantly making time for me. Sometimes life is kind enough to force us to change due to circumstances, but we must also take the necessary steps to live a fulfilled life. No more putting off ‘fun’. Tonight is a Milonga, the social dance where all the tango community comes together to dance from 9pm – 1am. I will go on my own with my tango shoes a backless dress and and an excited spirit.

My new tango shoes

My new tango shoes

Such a beautifully sexy dance.

Such a beautifully sexy dance.

This isn't tango but I love the image.

I love the lighting in this image.

To dance is to breath.

To dance is to breath.

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