Faithfully Yours

There is one thing I have learned about a dream: it is a constant recommitment and dedicated effort to loving something with all your heart. In any kind of love we must give it the freedom to flourish and grow. I have been intensly clenching to the original dream that I couldn’t see how it was maturing to the next level.

This art village project is hitting its one year mark from the date of my first visit. There have been so many times I have attempted to push it forward to move faster. But I should know by now that we can only control what we put into a project but we cannot control the rate at which it unfolds. If we are respectful it will organically sprout leaves when it is ready to grow.

In my two classes at university we are currently completing the strategic plan and program evaluation for the project. I have learned that we may have good intentions to help and give back. But we also have a responsibility to all stakeholders to ensure what that ‘good’ is and to evaluate whether we are achieving what we have set out to do. We also have to plan and strategize for the sustainability and growth of the project for years to come? I feel blessed and thankful. Yesterday’s sadness has fallen away to a hopeful today.

Balinese Art Village Showroom

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