Change Agents

With my second Masters in Nonprofit Management & Social Entrepreneurship I am surrounded by individuals who are in their own way working toward building a better tomorrow today. Many of them hold jobs in the Nonprofit sector. The girl sitting next to me in my Law for Nonprofit Administration class works for an organization that teaches, ‘blind people how to get lost and then find their way’. She laughs when she points out that she is blind herself and that basically, ‘it is like the blind leading the blind‘.

I write her name on the sign in sheet and am amazed at her courage to find her way to class in the middle of an evening snow during rush hour. She smiles as we talk about our common interest in the practice of yoga. Each member of the class spoke of their positions within different organizations that supports the community. The older guy in the back who is also a professor has been taking classes every semester since 1992 and coined himself ‘the forever student‘.

I left the session with a zest for life and felt honored to be granted a place next to these inspiring individuals. The other day I looked at my CV and realized that I wanted a clean slate. Putting positions and work that really means something in making other people’s lives better. The fashion bit I will continue to drive forward with love but the other parts with preserving craftskills and inspiring others to create positive social change is the thing that gives me butterflies. Naive to say but I see the world of development as a club that I didn’t know to sign up for because I was consumed with the world of business. I aim to marry the two in harmony.

I have the cutest nephew in the world 🙂

I love happy hour with my beautiful sister.


My wonderful brother-in-law and his mini me son (my nephew).

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