Lost Dreams

When the London ladies met at fashion school we were all hopeful, but then for each of us life closed doors. We in our own way were left discouraged and doubtful of our own abilities. Its insane to think that its been 7 years since we initially met, but it seems that the course went along exactly as was intended. One girl in the group had this fantastic idea for a magazine.

Alicia talked often about how fashion could change the world in a positive way. It helped to shape my ideals. As a result I adjusted my course as a traditional fashion designer toward a more socially focused one. After all these years I look back realizing the brilliance of her original concept.

We have recently rekindled our friendship and now our love to give back through fashion has ignited. I look forward to the launch of a magazine that should have been published years ago. It is never too late, nor is time wasted, dreams unfold beautifully if we never give up on them. But we must pursue them with love, passion and reckless abandon.

Alicia's Student Project

Alicia’s Student Project

Doing Fashion Differently

Doing Fashion Differently

The London Ladies

The London Ladies

Fashion School was Ammmmaaazzing!!!

Fashion School was Ammmmaaazzing!!!

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