Try Again

Do you know how many times I have been going for this dream and more simply how many times we have remade this trailer video. We have spent hours filming and going around the island and filming content at different angles. But every time we put it together it just didn’t work. Several time I put the idea on the shelf and said forget about it. But then I decided to try and try again until it was right.

After many months since the start of making the content I realize that the piece had to take a life of itself. We can not be so rigid in our own context. As in life and the dream we can have an idea of what we want to create but we must allow the process to take us to a new place. Where all that we know no longer makes sense. It is in that space when innovation begins and we find new ways of seeing the world and ourselves.

After having passed one year of being completely destroyed as a person I can say that if you are going through a difficult period have faith. You will come through to the other side. In order to grow the unfortunate part is the pain that we cannot avoid. Medication can numb but the heart is one place where even the strongest of chemicals cannot penetrate. Let your dreams guide you out of the darkness and eventually life will return and the pain in time will fade.

Lovely Lace

Lovely Lace

Spring Summer Collection Adjustment

Spring Summer Collection Adjustment

The work takes shape

The work takes shape


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