Heavy World

Its usually around this time of year that the eBay account helps to clear the unnecessary. This cycle of consumption is heavy and so are all the things we hold onto in our hearts and minds. These days I travel a lot between my family members homes to spend quality time.

I have decided that I will only keep what I can carry. Holding onto things can keep us lost in a memory of the past that needs letting go. Its time to make way for many lovely joys waiting to take shape.

Remember that now is the time that we are planting the seeds for the next year. What do you want this life to be about. Whatever does not serve your greater purpose should be washed away especially those vices that keep you trapped. Its time to BREAK FREE!

Our World Trade Building

The light aways finds a way

The light always finds a way

My hometown of Baltimore, Maryland

My hometown of Baltimore, Maryland



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