Blog Discontinued

Thank you for joining me on this adventure over the past year! I have decided to shift my writing energy away from the blog into my first book Bali Fashion Dream. It is my recount of the most painful yet fulfilling year of my life! It includes all the fun bits that the blog leaves out, but also will hopefully inspire a few of you to go for your own ‘crazy’ ideas. Watch this space for updates! Remember ‘if you want something bad enough the universe will conspire in your favour’. Paulo Coelho

Walking through the village where I will build a workshop to preserve Balinese fashion textile techniques.

This village is such a dream.

Girl’s from my english class following me through the fields.

Learning to prepare the offerings for the upcoming Galungan Hindu holiday.

Baskets to put the offerings.

Preparing decorations for the big day!

Making cakes together with two of my students.

There is beauty in the simplicity of the village.

Putu an amazing Balinese lace artisan and her beautiful daughter.

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