Connecting Pieces

I have all the tools to make a success of these projects, but it’s time to put my head down and crack on. The planning and discussion bit is compete.

It is so easy to be distracted and lose sense of our purpose. I have returned to my studio in the city and am clearing away the clutter physically and mentally. Here I will find the clarity and passion to push forward.

We must protect our dreams. I am putting my foot down and centering myself so that I can carry these dreams into reality. It’s time to put the pieces together before they slip away.

Visiting an organization based in Ubud that focuses on the preservation of handcraft skills across Indonesia.

In contrast my work looks to preserve the techniques, but with a modern aesthetic.

Time for a bit of fun in Ubud, torturing the audience with our attempts at singing live 😉

Such a fun night out chatting and dancing. I even found a well dressed poodle to swoon over.

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