Balinese Ceremony

As I waited with the rest of the village dressed in my kebaya, I couldn’t help but feel blessed. Familiar faces of kids from my evening English lessons warmed my heart. Various parents came to say hello, asking about my health. It had been some time since I returned and everyone knew about my hospital visit.

I told them that I am fine and just need to slow down a bit. We walked together down the village road and arrived at the temple where the girls giggled and boys played by the rice field. We sat together as the prayers were made and purifying water splashed on our heads.

I returned to my little place and sat under the moon thanking the universe for welcoming me into this lovely village. I am beginning to feel more connected to the country of my birth and the people of this beautiful island. I have started to learn to speak Balinese. I hope in time that through my work I am able to provide not only an income but ‘a life’ that is rich and rewarding for the villages of Bali.

Didn’t recognize some of the kids in their ceremony attire

Walking together to the temple

My little Balinese Family

Colorful Offering

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