Never Doubt

After meeting with the artisan who was to make the lingerie line I was completely discouraged. I had moved out to the village to bring work back to the local Balinese, but she said that there are many issues when it comes to working with the locals. Many of which I discovered during my first year of production.

That is the reason why I have been working directly with a Balinese factory. That night I refused to give up on my dream and continued to ask around for someone in the village with quality sewing abilities and a good work ethic.

The next day my friend took me to the women who made her wedding kebaya and I was overjoyed to see the quality of her work and her kind nature. If I allowed obstacles to discourage me then I wouldn’t get anywhere. There is always a way, if we just keep asking questions and seeking with faith.

Inspired by the lacework on the traditional kebayas worn to the ceremonies.

We start work in June after the big ceremonies conclude

The beautiful lace she uses for the kebayas

Traditional Balinese lace technique…drawn by hand and then applied with hand and machine to the fabric.

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