Lifelong Dream

Staring at the picture brings me back to the moment when my university funding fell through back in 2006. At the time I left everything to move to London and study fashion.

I couldn’t understand why my dream was being taken away from me. But I quickly registered into business school back in the states. After graduating with my bachelors, I was fortunate enough to return to London and complete a Masters at an even better university.

Sometimes we can’t see why some doors close, but if we keep to the dream and work everyday toward it, in time all components will align in the best possible way.

Photo from fashion school in London 8 years ago! Principles of Design project presentation. My dreams haven’t changed one bit.

I love Chanel because she was a dreamer. She didn’t let society our circumstances hold her back.

I love Audrey’s gentle yet elegant nature and her passion to help those in need. She dedicated her last years to humanitarian efforts.

Women should always play ‘make believe’ and never forget the joy of losing themselves in a dream. Because maybe just maybe it will come true!

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