Creative Passion

With all the new social work I have added to my already busy schedule, I find myself missing the creative process. It is the thing that makes me feel complete. But when I design without having an impact on people’s lives I feel an imbalance. I hope to successfully pair my love for fashion and giving back.

It is so easy to get caught up in the process, model building and strategy that we forget to go back to the basics. I keep telling myself that I want to go to the village and make a painting room near the garden and plant some flowers, but then ‘work’ demands distract me.

I watched a video today on an innovative American fashion designer in Cambodia. There was a part of the interview that stuck out to me. She mentioned several of the many sacrifices she has made and that now she needs to make time for herself. There will always be more work but there won’t always be more time, so I need to remember to take pleasure in life fully.

Meeting with lovely new friends over a beautiful sunset

Very cool decor at la favela in Bali

Lovely lace curtains with a beautiful girl

The ladies room

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