Fashionable Philanthropy

I received an email from a friend asking ‘is fashion still your #1 passion and what’s next for Elsa Fitzgerald’. The message completely defines why we are pushing for this movement of strategic social entrepreneurship. Why does giving back and fashion have to be two separate things? Aren’t we connected to the people and the world we live in?

If that is true then so should the businesses we create. Then philanthropy and business should not be two separate entities, it should be our business to give back while making money without exploiting. This new project my friend and I are working on focuses on creating a model that creates social enterprises within the villages of Indonesia.

I am using my own business Bali Fashion Group to test some of my own ideas as to how I can integrate the 3 Ps (People, Planet, Profit). Once the model is perfected we look to role them out across Indonesia. Start with a village and you can change a nation. Through this work we can create desirable products that can then fund social development and economic growth. So yes fashion is my #1 passion but so is giving, I just choose to utilize fashion as a vehicle for social change.

My mom before I was born working in the missions.

My grandfather in Indonesia during the 1970’s.

My dad in the middle wearing glasses back in Indonesia.

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