Positive Change

Ever since I was in my teens I realised I wanted to give back but not in the traditional sense. I took the fashion business track and left the ‘development work’ to others.

More recently after starting this project that looks to empower women through enterprise, I am meeting so many like minded individuals. We are the pioneers looking to create businesses that are built around the 3 P’s: people planet and profit.

We discuss with such passion how we can utilise our individual talents to fuel this movement. I am so fascinated with these discussions and the amazing people behind them. We are the next generation of entrepreneurs lets use it to create positive social change.

Agus is an Indonesian from Nusa Penida an island sitting in Bali’s shadow. He has impressed me with his initiative in creating an online newspaper and his own charity. He is doing this all while working in Bali.

I love this mix: Niki (artist/videographer), Caterina (Fashion Designer), Laura (Development Specialist), Stephanie (Social Crowd-Funding Specialist), Agus (Video Editor)…its amazing what a small group of people with a common vision can create.

Seems to sum it up rather well.


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