Cultural Connection

When I first moved to Bali, I had this vision that I would work directly in the village with the artisans. By a chance meeting with a lovely Balinese woman named Gung, I was invited to come to her village. I have since taken up a room in her brother’s home and am learning a lot about their culture and way of life.

They are surprised that I am ok with the basic life: no ac, wifi, outside bathroom and no swimming pool. I have found an artisan to make the lingerie collection we are developing for Elsa Fitzgerald. When I arrived yesterday evening there were about 7 kids waiting at Gung’s house for an english lesson. After writing some sentences on the white board, I turned around to see about 25 kids unpacking their school bags in the village bank where the lesson was held.

Sitting on my deck with the Gung’s sister who was making Hindu offerings, she said it is great that I teach the kids english because a lot of them end up dropping out of school to support the family. My big dream has always been to find a way to unite my love for giving back and fashion. My dreams are coming true and my heart is overjoyed for it.

There were so many kids that we couldn’t fit them all in the photo.

Wearing my sarong and relaxing in my room at Gung’s brother’s traditional Balinese home.

Gung’s Aunt and my new neighbor offering me some fruit from the ceremony.

Traditional Balinese House, my room is on the left.

I love these flowers, they are so Bali.

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