Lost Imagination

My father told me that I would never make any money in fashion. So I stayed clear of the creative side of fashion for most of my professional life. It is only now after 13 years of accepting that reality that I have finally broken out of the box.

I am blessed to be a ‘creative’ in an ‘academics’ mind because I think about the big picture and how to strategically monetize my creations. But I have to say that I find the experience very exciting. It is a process of making something from nothing. A skill we used as children and have lost as adults.

I am discovering an entirely different side to my person. We must return to the art of making. It is in the process that we not only solve problems through innovation, but we also find our true selves. Dust off those old paint brushes, write that book you have always wanted and let that voice within you sing.

Hand painted on fabric…going to the village where this technique is used this weekend.

Details on a traditional Balinese wedding Kebaya

Doing some touch up painting on the house in my sarong…Bali style 😉

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