Silent Reporter

By day 5 I was ready to run for the hills literally. I was ok with the 330am rise, no talking and sitting still, but averaging 10 hours of meditation a day was just too much for me to handle. Looking around the circle where all the others sat quietly, I began planning my escape. But a voice inside me said ‘this is where change begins’.

All the hurt began to surface like fat boiling in a pot of broth. We were taught that most of our suffering results from bringing our past and future to the present. It is by living in the ‘ultimate now’ that we can detangle ourselves.

It was on the seventh day that the healing began. We held our candles realizing that we carry the source to our own fulfillment. We all looked so composed in the meditation hall, but when we sat outside in the darkness of night, a light flickered against tear streamed faces. We proceeded to exchange the candles with one another, followed by a hug and affirmation ‘you are the light’.

Be the light you want to see in the world.

Actual pictures from the retreat! by Gaby Pribadi

Actual pictures from the retreat! by Gaby Pribadi Outdoor meditation

Jumping for our freedom! We did it.

The silent retreat crew 😉

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