Paying Forward

As a child visiting Jakarta, Indonesia I felt detached and shunned the people and culture as I had grown up in the USA. I was so young I just didn’t understand such experiences.

Now as a woman I have returned but to Bali, Indonesia and day by day I find more I love about the island. I have developed not only a longing for the country of my birth but also a desire to help.

I was given so many opportunities in this life. It is my duty and a pleasure to giveback to the younger generation of underprivileged women of Indonesia. I have partnered with another Indonesian mixed woman and together we are creating a platform to ‘Empower Indonesian Women through Enterprise’.

Me three years old wearing a dress my great grandmother made. Photograph taken on the remote island of Indonesia where I was born and spent the first 3 years of my life.

My older sister and I with my mom a little before leaving the island to move to America.

Landing in the Baltimore, Maryland where I grew up in the inner city. Can one girl change the world…?

Stephanie another Indonesian mixed girl who lived and studied abroad. We are working together on an exciting new social enterprise…watch this space!!!

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