Plan A

This morning my sister began talking about a plan B. I interrupted her and said well before we start doing that lets focus on plan A. ‘What we are doing is not working, so we need to start over…white board clean slate’.

We began thinking about why the campaign is not working and a possible solution to counter those inefficiencies. It’s not that crazy we just need 3,400 people to each pledge $5. So we went on to tackling how to get this figure. We are going to launch a Facebook fundraiser page that is much easier to use then kickstarter, but can also direct people to our kickstarter.

When something is not working, cut your loses and get off the sinking ship. Rethink your strategy and start again. I don’t believe in a plan B. I just wipe the board and think of a different route to getting to plan A.

10 days left to pledge (click here)

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