Sisterly Love

This campaign is killing my sister and I, but it is making us stronger. We are coordinating with two different time zones and a dodgy connection.

To see and feel the support from everyone involved on this journey really makes me feel that we are not alone. I am so touched by my sister’s ability to keep focused and to put everything on the line; relationships, sleep and a bit of her sanity.

We joke about when the company finally takes off, then we can explain how crazy it was for us. We have created a fashion brand from a place of love. Me loving my passion and my sister loving me enough to do everything in her power to make my dream come true.

This just may be our anthem for the campaign:

Our Motto 'Kicking Kickstarter's Ass' ;)

Our Motto ‘Kicking Kickstarter’s Ass’ 😉

Who knew I would be taking business advice from this little one! I love my sisters… 

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